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Appalachian Trail Award

Sponsored by the Eastern PA QRP Club.


This award program is to promote hiking on the Appalachian Trail with your QRP rigs.

Trail Trip Photos

*** Only contacts made after January 1, 2000

are eligible for the AT Awards. ***

All contacts made during contest other than the ones below will not count towards any award.

NEW  Contacts made during any of the following contests will be allowed! NEW

All the below contest have portable categories to promote Portable operations in the Outdoors. If you know of any other contest that promotes portable operations outdoors please drop me an e-mail with the contest name.

Spartan Sprints

Monthly QRP Field Day

FYBO in Feb.

Winter Fireside SSB Sprint (QRP ARCI) in Feb.

QRP To The Field in April

LAITF Contest (W2AGN) in May

Hootowl Sprint (QRP ARCI) in May

mW Field Day (QRP ARCI) in June

The Great Colorado Gold Rush in July

Flight Of The Bumblebees in July

Summer Homebrew Sprint (QRP ARCI) in July

Bubba Sprint in August

New England QRP A Field in Sept.

Topband Sprint (QRP ARCI) in Dec.

Holiday Spirits Homebrew Sprint (QRP ARCI) in Dec.

Polar Bear Moon Light Madness Trips Winter months

You can be out or at home to operate and pick up contacts towards any of the AT Awards.

All contacts do not have to be made from the same operating location for the home or trail stations.

All Amateur Radio operators are eligible for the awards on the HF and WARC bands in the CW, SSB, Digital and Mixed modes.

Contacts that are made on the Appalachian Trail while on the state borders will be allowed. One QSO with a station on a border will count as two states. Please make a notation of this in your logs.

** Note: You do not have to be exactly on the State line. The Appalachian Trail does run through rivers. I would not want anyone to have to canoe to the middle of a river to operate from the trail.**

Contacts that are made on the Appalachian Trail do not have to be directly on the trail. You can set up your station within 100 yards of the trail or at any shelter for the Appalachian Trail System.

There will be five different types of awards with a picture of the trail running through the 14 states.

All awards will have their own consecutive serial number starting with number one.

Basic Award will be a certificate. Sample

Deluxe Award will be a plaque.

Trail Award will be a certificate. Sample

Trail to Trail Award will be a plaque.

Trail WAS Award will be a certificate.

**New When you apply for the certificates we are asking for $2 to cover the cost of mailer and postage. There will be a small charge for plaques which will be announced at a later date.**

Coordinating weekends during the summer months for stations to be active on the Appalachian Trail is very hard to do. So when stations do go out on the AT we ask you post a message on ATRAIL, QRP-F & QRP-L.

To download the Adobe PDF files you need the Adobe Reader. Click on the icon and download the Adobe PDF Reader.

Click on award name below for the rules.

Basic Award

Deluxe Award

Trail Award

Trail to Trail Award

Trail WAS Award

The 14 states that the Appalachian Trail runs through are as follows:

Connecticut, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey,

New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia.

**Note** If you have a problem receiving a QSL card from any of the stations that were on the Appalachian Trail we have a solution for you. View and print this generic Appalachian Trail QSL card at a high resolution and fill in all the information for them. Then send the QSL to them with an SASE. Ask them to write in their location from the Appalachian Trail and sign the bottom line on the card and send it back to you.

Awards Issued

I am working on updating the awards at the moment.

Awards Issued was updated on January 13, 2001

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